Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reuter Rules

My friend and contemporary Thomas Crone has republished my interview with Bob Reuter over at his new Web venture, Creative St. Louis.

Thomas is a very prolific writer and has a wealth of knowledge on the happenings and places and people of STL, and the new site he's editing is pretty cool. I'm honored to have my material published there, and I totally recommend adding it to your weekly- if not daily- reading.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey, I still do this on occasion....

Due to an erratic home life, going to school full-time, moving and now working at one of the more popular diners in South City, I haven't had much time to update this pathetic little blog. But for my legion of readers out there (ok, for my three readers out there...), stay tuned. I'll be adding to this soon. In the meantime, here are some random pics. (Editor's note: Blogspot likes to cut off the landscape oriented pics for some reason, so please click on the images to view the entire frame)

Naturally man made:
Meramec Caverns - August 18, 2009 (87)
Something very reminiscent of MST3000 here...

Cahokia Mounds - November 3, 2009 (12)
Cahokia Mounds, ironically, is not actually located in Cahokia, but in Collinsville, IL

Acting Like a Fool:
Bingo Machine Rehearsal - April 10, 2008 (92)
Kevin Kline Award winner Kirsten Wylder rehearses for the NonProphet Theater Company's Militant Propaganda Bingo Machine

Bingo Machine Rehearsal - April 10, 2008 (43)
Aaron Orion Baker rests on his duff during rehearsal

Bingo Machine Rehearsal - April 10, 2008 (49)
Nicole Angeli dares you to come closer

Bingo Machine Rehearsal - April 10, 2008 (78)
Paula Stoff-Dean, Kirsten Wylder and Nicole Angeli give Aaron Orion Baker the ol' One-Two

Bingo Machine Rehearsal - April 10, 2008 (73)
Ben Ritchie shows off the baby he found in his back yard while Bob Mitchell tried not to make eye contact

Bingo Machine Rehearsal - April 10, 2008 (69)
Yours truly. I obviosuly didn't take this picture- which is why its blurry... thanks a lot Paula- but my camera did

And finally,
All Star Week Downtown 2009 (130)
Behold: The Arch!

Smell ya later.